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Evans River Green Team


     The Green Team is a boy's education initiative. It is designed for boys in year nine, aged fourteen to sixteen. These boys are considered to be at risk of leaving school early and have significant academic gaps, although their intellectual potential is well within the normal range  .

 Evans River K-12 Green Team at work

The program aims to facilitate the success of students by identifying and fostering their individual skills, interests and career ambitions. The Green Team is specifically designed to provide welfare support and relevant curriculum alternatives, while at the same time guiding these students towards completion of their School Certificate and community workplacement.

Students will develop work based competencies, and be integrated into mainstream classes for the remainder of the week. The Green Team's aim is to identify and work with at risk students over the year.

The key operating principles to this program include the following:

  • Communication - Learning effective listening, writing and speaking skills.
  • Goal setting and time management- Teaching planning skills, effective time management and using different problem solving techniques.
  • Career Pathways - matching and developing skills and interests to job profiles. Understanding different pathways, training and qualifications needed for occupations.
  • Self Image - Identifying personal motivations. Learning to deal with praise, criticism and advise in a postitive manner.
  • Group Dynamics- Learning how to work effectively as part of a team. Looking at leadership.
  • Job Search- Learning where the jobs are, and how to successfully apply for.
  • Occupational Health and Safety- Recognising your rights and responsibilities under relevant acts. Developing safe working practice.
  • Work Place Literacy and Numeracy- Completing work related forms, basic workplace mathematical functions, workplace records.
  • Information Technology- Effective computer use, accessing information, using the telephone effectively, retrieving and printing data, transmitting and receiving information.
  • External Links -With TAFE colleges, work experiace.


Jobs Completed by Green Team

  • Paving in primary, canteen, science and The Learning Centre areas.
  • Construction of Cool cubby, Myna bird traps, chicken run, retaining walls, gate and path and tree guards.
  • Marine Shed - Upgrade and marine trailer maintence.
  • Concrete pads for tables
  • Ag Plot- green house, garden beds and compost bins