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The Year 11 course develops student's knowledge, understanding and skills relevant to the study of motion, how we describe it and what causes it. The course also examines energy in its different forms and how we describe and measure electricity and magnetism and their interrelated effects.

Senior Physics at Evans River K-12 School

The Year 12 course provides avenues for students to apply the concepts they were introduced to in Year 11 to motion in two dimensions, electromagnetism, theories of light, the atom and the Universe.


Year 11

The Year 11 course consists of four modules.

Module 1 Kinematics

Module 2 Dynamics

Module 3 Waves and Thermodynamics

Module 4 Electricity and Magnetism

Year 12

The Year 12 course consists of four modules.

Module 5 Advanced Mechanics

Module 6 Electromagnetism 

Module 7 The Nature of Light

Module 8 From the Universe to the Atom

Physics Space Task