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The Evans River K-12 School Council has determined that Evans River K-12 School will be a uniform-wearing school. The council has requested that the school enforce the wearing of the school uniform without variation. This means that the students are expected to dress in the uniform as described below. Parents who are uncertain as to whether or not an item of clothing meets this policy's requirements should consult with a Deputy Principal or the Principal prior to purchasing the item. Daily checks of student dress are conducted. Students out of uniform are afforded a warning, further breaches of the dress requirements are dealt in accordance with the school Student Welfare and Discipline Policy

School Uniform at Evans River K-12 School














Uniform is mandatory at Evans River K-12 School, for further information refer to the Student Wellbeing Policy (pdf 601 KB)

Acceptable Uniform 

Jade shirt with embroidered logo (white with embroidered logo for seniors), plain navy on bottom half (not denim, leggings or tights and no coloured inserts, stripes, pockets or logos). Plain navy or black stockings may be worn under a skirt.

Evans River K-12 School Uniforms

Footwear is to be completely black (no coloured logos, trim, sides of sole or laces), footwear must be leather or suede (not canvas), completely cover the foot (i.e. sealed, no mesh) and of sturdy construction (i.e. a shoe or boot; ugh boots are not acceptable); navy, black, grey or white short socks (not multi-coloured).

Shorts and skirts must reach the length of finger tips when arms and hands are extended down the side of the body.

Winter Wear - Boys: One of the three school tops for cold weather (all have the school's logo). Girls are same except they also can wear plain navy button down knit cardigan.

Navy is preferred for head-wear.

Senior students are also permitted to wear a plain white button down shirt with firm collar (i.e. not a polo) with school tie, pleated navy slacks, shorts or skirt, with white socks. Black leather shoes must be worn.

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