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Extension History

Extension History is a thought-provoking and challenging subject designed to enhance the development of critical and reflective thinking skills. The focus of Extension History is historiography, that is, how history is constructed and written. Students will closely examine the discipline of history including approaches to historical enquiry and the communication of historical understanding. The work of a number of significant historians will be examined and analysed by students who will have to consider issues such as the aims and purposes of history, the historical context, and the processes used by historians over time.

Students of Extension History will apply their understanding of historiographical issues by undertaking a case study on Nature of the Presidency of John Fitzgerald Kennedy and by completing the History Project. This project is a historical investigation developed, researched, produced and reflected upon by each of the students. The History Project is a complex task that provides students with the opportunity to pursue an area of personal interest and which fosters higher-order thinking skills. The extension History course provides an invaluable experience for students intending to undertake tertiary study in any field.

Students who wish to undertake the Extension History course must study either Ancient or Modern History as a prerequisite.

Case Study examined at Evans River K-12 School:

  • The Nature of the Presidency of John Fitzgerald Kennedy