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Sports Uniform

The wearing of the navy "sun sense" hat is encouraged. The hats should be plain navy in colour and have a broad rim. Suitable hats are available through the school uniform shop. In the winter time, students electing to wear beanies should ensure they are plain navy in colour.

  • Jade green shirt with navy side inserts and embroidered logo. Unique "Evans River K-12" collar design. Only available through the uniform shop.
  • Navy shorts, track pants, skirts, skorts or culottes. Coloured inserts, stripes, contrasting stitching and logos are not acceptable. Denim is not acceptable. The design of these items has deliberately not been specified and so some variation in design is permissible. The clothing, however, must be plain navy in colour. While the school uniform shop maintains a limited supply of these items, the school has identified that these items are available for sale at very reasonable rates from stores in the major shopping centres in Ballina and Lismore.
  • Navy socks or tights and black joggers.

The sports uniform is worn by students in Years 5 to 8.

Evans River K-12 School Sports Unifom


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