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Year 12 Science Extension

Science Extension is a new course with a focus on the authentic application of scientific research skills to produce a Scientific Research Report generally acceptable for publication. Students propose and develop a research question, formulate a hypothesis and develop evidence-based responses to create their Scientific Research Report which is supported by a scientific Research Portfolio. 

The four module integrate the skills of Working Scientifically within the course content to form the framework for the Scientific Research Project.


Year 12

The Year 12 course consists of four modules.

Module 1 The Foundations of Scientific Thinking

Module 2 The Scientific Research Proposal

Module 3 The Data, Evidence and Decisions

Module 4 The Scientific Research Report

Note: Students who have shown an achievement in, and/or aptitude for, any of the Stage 6 Science courses: Biology, Chemistry, Earth and Environmental Science, Investigating Science or Physics, in Year 11 may choose to study Science Extension in Year 12.