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Society and Culture

Society and Culture is the study of human behaviour: how we function in groups, in Australia and in other cultures. Society and Culture is a learning experience which allows for the integration of the student's personal experience with the public knowledge available through all kinds of research, writing and media.

Senior Society and Culture


 Studying Society and Culture enables students to:

  • be self-aware, with a sense of personal, social and cultural identity
  • show concern for the welfare, rights and dignity of all people
  • understand continuity and change and the implications for our future
  • communicate effectively
  • show critical discernment towards the media
  • research effectively and ethically
  • empathise with people of different society and cultures

Society and Culture Course Topics

Preliminary Course

  • Social and Cultural World:

An introduction to interactions within and between societies and cultures, concepts and research methodologies.

  • Personal and Social Identity:

Learning about the behaviour of the individual and groups.

  • Intercultural Communication

Learning about your own cultural identity, other cultures and how to improve communication between cultures.

HSC Course

  • Personal Interest Project

You choose a topic that you are passionate about, then research and write up what you have learnt. This is enormously beneficial in future study.

  • Social and Cultural Continuity and Change:

The study of how and why change occurs, and why sometimes it doesn't. This knowledge is applied to a specific country.


Depth Studies: 2 can be chosen from the following:

  • Popular Culture
  • Belief Systems
  • Equality and Difference
  • Work and Leisure