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Ancient History

Ancient History is the exciting discovery of the human past. Students will examine fascinating civilisations including Ancient Egypt, Greece, Persia and Rome. Through case studies, historical investigations and site studies students investigate the social history of people, the interaction of societies and the impact of individuals and groups on ancient events and ways of life.

Ancient History introduces students to the exhilarating world of the ancient historian and archaeologist. It draws on a variety of disciplines and students develop and apply research, writing, questioning and analytical skills. A range of archaeological and written sources including literary works, coins, inscriptions, art, architecture, artefacts and human remains are examined. Using these sources as evidence of the ancient past, students will learn to analyse and draw conclusions enabling them to piece together an informed and coherent view of the past.

Ancient History Options Studied at Evans River K-12 School

Preliminary Course:

  • Historical Skills: History and Archaeology
  • Case Study: The Trojan War
  • Ancient Society: Deir el Medina
  • Ancient Society: Athens and Greek Drama
  • Site Study: Persepolis

HSC Course:

  • Source-Based Study: Pompeii and Herculaneum
  • Ancient Society: Sparta
  • Ancient Personality: Xerxes
  • Historical Period: The Persian Wars and the Delian League