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The Year 11 course develops the knowledge, understanding and skills in relation to the properties and structure of matter, the types and drivers of chemicals reactions and how we measure the quantities involved in these processes.

The Year 12 course builds on the concepts introduced in Year 11 by examining particular classes of chemicals, processes and a variety of chemical reactions which incorporate organic compounds and acid/base equilibrium reactions. The course challenges students to apply this knowledge to the investigation of a range of methods used in identifying and measuring quantities of chemicals which leads to an understanding of the structure, properties and trends of and between classes of chemicals

Senior Chemistry


Year 11

The Year 11 course consists of four moduls.

Module 1 Properties and Structure of Matter

Module 2 Introduction to Quantitative Chemisrty

Module 3 Reactive Chemistry

Module 4 Drivers of Reactions

Year 12

The Year 12 course consists of four modules

Module 5 Equilibrium and Acid Reactions

Module 6 Acid/base Reactions

Module 7 Organic Chemistry

Module 8 Applying Chemical Ideas